Please see below for some testimoials from past and present students:

'As a newly qualified lecturer, I had the privilege of working with Michelle for a year.  Whilst working alongside her, I was able to observe and learn how a fantastic teacher can bring the best out of her students.  Michelle is incredibly passionate.  In addition, Michelle is blessed with that rare gift - that not all teachers have - she can communicate and instil her passion for her subjects and her understanding and her knowledge easily and seamlessly to her students.  If you are looking for a fantastic tutor for your son or daugher, I can wholeheartedly recommend Michelle.  There are few better.' David'

Just this week I graduated from Huddersfield University with a First-Class BA (Hons) Degree. My next academic step is to undergo a Master's by Research Degree. However in the process of filling out an application form, it is mandatory that I provide two references, one of which I have assigned to my recent University tutor. Saying this I would be honoured if you would be my second reference. Although this message is in light of this, it is also a personal thank you. I can safely say that without your tuition I wouldn't have acheived such academic success. As a teacher you have been such a great inspiration and influence upon my entire understanding of Film, not only that, you were a great mentor with a great degree of approachability and friendliness, and I have consistently held you as one, if not the best teacher I have had. Obviously over the past three years I have encountered several teachers at University, however I felt it was entirely fitting to contact you specifically, to not only ask for this favour, but to inform you of my success and say thank you. Once again.' Kane

'My English teacher has been really good and has really inspired me over the last few weeks.' Tamar

'I contacted Michelle for help and support with my English language and literature GCSE. This is a subject I have always struggled with due to my dyslexia. Michelle used a wide range of teaching techniques which were flexible to my learning needs. I would recommend learning with Michelle who is a great teacher, easy to interact with and helped me immensely to be successfull in passing my English GCSE's.' Ben

'Thank you so much for everything you've done for me these past two years.  I don't know how I'd have coped without your help.  You are THE BEST teacher I've ever met because you genuinely care about our grades for our benefit and not your own.  I can't thank you enough!' Hannah

'Having struggled through most of my school years with dyslexia, Michelle was able to work with me to focus on subjects I previously found to have had little interest in (English). Michelle also introduced me to the subject of media studies. Since leaving High school with Michelle's previous guidance I was able to achieve a degree with honours in English Media and Cultural studies, going on to achieve success in my chosen career. 
This I feel may not have been possible without her support and guidance during such important years of study.' Peter

'For your website: I was lucky enough to be taught by Michelle for two years through my A Levels. She was passionate, committed and knowledgeable. So much so that I am now a teacher myself and she is one of the teachers that inspired me to go into the profession. If you are looking for a tutor your in the right place!' Livi

'Never in my academic or professional life have I come across a teacher, nay, a person who has an innate ability to inspire, to guide, to teach as Michelle Holgeth does. I was her student for much of my high school and college experience and despite that being a good 4-8 years ago now, no one has taught me more since then. It was only after I left college and embarked on my University life that I realised just how much of an impact she had on me. Attending University I was obviously nervous but somehow within the first term I was top of the class (having never been the top of my class at anything) and I realised then just what Michelle had done, she prepared me without me even realising. That to me is the mark of a great teacher. Without a shadow of a doubt, Michelle is the reason as to why I walked out of University with a first class degree and an award for outstanding study. I owe her so much. If you're looking for a great tutor and a great person, I implore you to see Michelle Holgeth. Then you'll understand why I hold her in such high regard.' Olly

'I graduated University in Media (Film & TV) with a 2:1 back in 2013 but I don't think I would have got there without Michelle's support throughout my school days. She always went above and beyond to help me with my coursework and exam prep and made sure I got the best grade by helping me with improvements. Not only was she a fantastic teacher but she is a really lovely person and really cares about her students. In the end I got an A* at GCSE and an A at A-Level and I couldn't have done it without her support.' Amy



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Pressure on pupils to do well in exams

Pressure on pupils to do well in exams has led to an increase in children being treated for anxiety, a psychologist has warned. Prof Tanya Byron said some pupils at top schools in London experience so much expectation from schools and their parents to do well they have developed a fear of going to school.

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